Bariatric surgery and its types
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What are the commonly experienced problems after bariatric surgery?

Depending upon the type of surgery you undergo, you may experience some unpleasant side-effects. However, some of these problems will be temporary and some can be avoided with the right precautions. Some of the common problems are:1

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) - the common symptom of GERD is acidity. It is seen in patients who have undergone gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy
  • Indigestion -commonly seen after mini-gastric bypass
  • Dumping syndrome - Post-surgery, eating high-fat, high-sugar foods can cause vomiting, nausea, weakness, sweating, faintness, and diarrhea. Hence, patients are advised to stay away from such type of food. Dumping syndrome is commonly seen after gastric bypass.

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